Ashworth Mansions is Maida Vale’s leading estate of Mansion flats. It comprises 105 flats in two imposing Queen Anne revival blocks facing each other across extensive communal gardens. We have a diverse range of residents, with ages spanning over eighty years and a myriad of national origins, jobs, recreational interests and backgrounds. Ashworth Mansions is quietly situated between Elgin Avenue and Paddington Recreation Ground only a stone’s throw from Maida Vale underground station.

Ashworth Elgin Block

The estate is almost 120 years old and it is a tribute to the original constructors that it is still in such good condition! Thanks to major works carried out in 2001/2 and again 2009/14, the roofs and external parts have been restored and, with the completion of the refurbishment of the internal parts, Ashworth Mansions is now the most sought after mansion location in Maida Vale.


  1. Sarah Gilmour

    My friend grew up in these flats and we used to play in the garden in the summer – such a wonderfull place and great memories – if only i could afford a flat like the ones here.

  2. jan

    I grew up in these flats. My grandparents lived in one and two aunts and uncles and various cousins also all lived there. We too had wonderful times playing in the gardens. Jan

    • ashworthmansions

      That’s great to hear. Have you looked at the History section? Maybe you could add some stories?

  3. fiona ellis-hodge

    My best friend John lived in Essendine Mansions and we used to play in the Rec where there were swings and roundabouts, I used to stay with my grandmother who lived a Sutherland Avenue.We had such fun. Happy childhood days!!!! Does anyone else remember the Rec?

    Fiona, Brighton.

  4. Alex

    I live in clevedon mansions I love the designs it’s very butiful and calming.

  5. Anonymous

    My Nanny London lived there back in the 70’s & 80’s.. I have so many joyful memories of that beautiful location.

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