As you will have seen, the decorators are making good progress with the redecoration of the interior common parts. The work got off to a slightly slower start than we had hoped as the workmen found an unexpectedly large number of layers of painted lining paper and lacquered wallpaper which took a good deal of scraping/blasting to remove.

Ashworth Mansions Wallpaper - red berriesWallpaper - brown flowers

There’ll be more information in a few days but here’s the state of play at the moment:

  • Flats 47-54       Stairccase complete except for 6 front doors
  • Flats 74-83       Final painting works in progress
  • Flats 84-93       Final painting works in progress
  • Flats 1-46         Complete stripping in progress

From 18 – 27 October, the contractors will be preparing and lining all blocks. From 27 October, decoration will proceed for flats 1-49.

The new light fittings, to include emergency lighting and light sensor & the new carpet have been ordered. We’ll give you another update as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, we’d be really interested if anyone can date/identify the Edwardian wallpaper uncovered during the redecorations.  Drop us a line at or leave a reply below.