One resident had enquired whether it was possible to connect the block to the Hotbird satellite signals. It was agreed to write to residents to gauge the extent of interest. It was further agreed that any eventual installation would not be a service charge item.


It was agreed to repaint the main entrance doors. One quote has been received and a further one has been requested.


A large number of the emergency lights have failed inexplicably. It was agreed to approach the manufacturer directly to try to resolve the problem.


The board was updated on the progress of the water mains project (see below)


The managing agent continues to chase Freshwater for payments related to the removal of asbestos from the bike shed in 2007.


The drainage repairs have been completed satisfactorily. The contractor has also been asked to quote to replace two gulleys to the rear of block 7 and to replace a section of downpipe at the rear of block 2.


Porters Flat – terms have largely been agreed with Freshwater for the renewal of the lease on the porter’s flat.


Coal stores – lawyers have been instructed to ascertain ownership of the coal stores on the Grantully side. It was agreed to guage the interest of residents in renting the stores should this be feasible.


A licence was granted to one flat for a remodelled bathroom.


Estimates have been received to replace the garden gate locks. It was agreed to proceed with the cheapest quote.


No home has yet been found for the unwanted bicycles.


The auditor has given an opinion on the value of shares in Ashworth Mansions Ltd.  One further legal opinion is required before the board felt confident in giving a valuation. Three flat owners have expressed interest in purchasing one.


Flat owners in block 3 have asked whether they can re-open a doorway onto the communal garden through the old bike shed. After some discussion, the board had no objections in principle noting that the leasehold on the bike shed was owned by Freshwater. The flat owners were invited to revert with detailed plans.


New legislations means that company’s of Ashworth’s size need not hold annual general meetings. It was agreed to proceed with one in 2009 irrespective of this change and to try to increase attendance through better marketing.


It was agreed to pay the auditor’s invoice for the 2006/7 accounts.