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11.30 UPDATE: The leaks are repaired and the water is back on. Fortunately, it was a couple of failed joints which were easily fixed. Please run the taps for a while before drinking the water so that any sediment can pass through.

10.00 UPDATE: The engineer is on site and making repairs.

We’ve had to shut off the water supply to Ashworth Mansions this morning.

Many of you will have noticed a high-pressure leak last night at the rear of block three. KFH sent a plumber at 1 am and we decided to let it run as it was doing little short-term damage. However, since then two more pipes have burst – rear of block five and on block one facing Ashworth Road – and we felt we had no choice but to turn off the pumps until a plumber can take a proper look.

The mains water pipes are lagged and have trace heating but the cold weather is doing unprecedented damage in London this week.

The plumber is on his way and we would expect to have an update later this morning.

Apologies for the inconvenience. We’re doing all we can do remedy the situation.

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  1. Geoffrey Barraclough

    Hi – every flat has its own boiler so if there’s no hot water (but cold is working) then the fault is most likely within your flat’s own system. Hope that helps.

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