Ashworth Garden


Guidelines for using the garden

Ashworth Mansions Handbook for flat owners and other residents

Lease extension materials

Service charge and accounts

2017/18 Audited Accounts

2016/17 Audited Accounts

2015/16 Audited Accounts

2014/15 Audited Accounts

2014/15 Audited Accounts Explanation

2013-14 Audited Accounts

2013-14 Audited Accounts Explanation

2012-13 Audited Accounts

2012-13 Audited Accounts Explanation

2011 12 Audited Accounts

2011-12 Audited Account Explanation

2010/11 Audited Accounts

2010/11 Audited Accounts Explanation

2009/10 Audited Accounts Explanation

2009/10 Audited Accounts

2009/10 Service Charge Budget

2008/9 Audited Accounts Explanation

2008/9 Audited Service Charge Accounts

2008/9 Service Charge Budget

2008/9 Service Charge Budget Explanation

2007-8 audited service charge accounts

2007/8 audited service Charge Accounts Explanatory Note

2007-8 budget explanation

2006-7 audited accounts

2006-7 explanation of audited accounts


2006-7 budget communication

2005-6 explanation of audited accounts


2004-5 audited accounts

Annual General Meetings

Chair’s Report 2019

2017-18 AGM Summary

2016-17 AGM Summary

2009/10 AGM Summary

2008-9 AGM Summary

2007-8 AGM summary

2008 Chairman’s report

2006-7 AGM summary

2005-6 AGM summary

Response to questions from 2005-6 AGM

2005-6 Annual report


Council Refuses Telecoms Proposal 19_07493_FULL-REFUSAL-FULL_PP__PE_-6235447

Flat Owner Survey 2017 summary

Ashworth Survey 2017 data

Garden maintenance specification, July 2016

Tree Surgeons report. July 2015

Flat owner consultation on caretaking options

Performance specification for independent heating systems.

Heating switchover information pack.

LVT Decision on the Communal Heating & Hot Water

Update from the heating/hot water subcomittee + FAQ’s.

Letter to residents with details of external redecoration of Elgin Avenue Facade

Statements of works for external redecoration of Elgin Avenue facade. Project particulars & statement of works to be carried out

Ashworth Mansions 10yr Maintenance Plan Draft

Ashworth Mansions Buildings Survey 2009 main report

Ashworth Mansions Buildings Survey 2009 Photos

Explanation of the difference between the service charge and reserve fund contribution

Guidelines for undertaking building work in your flat

2008 Flat owners’ survey and results

2007 Flat owners survey

2007 Flat owners survey – summary results

Major works – summary of projects 2001 – 2007

Water mains – first stage consultation

Water mains – second stage consultation


  1. S O'Brien

    Dear Sir, Could you kindly advise me how I should arrange to receive digital cable or satellite TV in Ashworth Mansions? Is this provided via the block or via supply to individual flats. Thank you Stephen

    • Geoffrey Barraclough

      There are two option for pay TV:

      For Sky, contact Interphone on 020 8621 6000. We have dishes on the roof which they can connect to your flat. There is a charge for this.

      For Virgin, simply contact them directly. The block is already wired for cable TV.

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