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Ashworth Mansions Garden Party 1

 Ashworth Mansions garden party 2

Our garden party, held on 30 June, was remarkably successful despite the pretty continual rain that fell from 4 o’clock onwards. It was heartening to see residents of all ages enticed by wine – from Threshers – and a wide selection of food from around the world – brought by each other. 

 A bouncy castle and DJ in the communal garden? They said it couldn’t be done. So many thanks to Natasha Keats for organising in the face of adversity. We’d also like to thank Greene & Co, kfh and Vickers for their support.

If you would like to help organise next year’s party or have any other ideas for social events, please email

Survey of flat owners’ views

As we promised at the last residents’ meeting, we are carrying out a survey to better understand the views of owners and residents (whether they own their flat or not) about Ashworth Mansions – where we live and/or which is, for many of us, our largest financial asset.

You should have received this survey through your door (we have sent one copy direct to each flat) or via the Managing Agents (every owner whose service charge address is not at Ashworth Mansions has had a copy of the survey sent by post).

Please take a few moments to fill this out. We will use the results to inform our planning, for example about the budget process for next year, so we hope you will agree that completing the form is time well spent.

A copy is also available as a download at

Note of July 2007 board meeting

Internal redecorations

The contractor has almost completed the snagging and has continued to work to a satisfactory standard. A final account will be presented to the August board meeting but it is anticipated that the project will be completed to budget.

Mains water

Before statutory consultation with flat owners can begin, we need at least two quotes for the break-tank and pumps. One firm has responded in detailed fashion to our tender; another has responded incompletely. The project manager is to be pressed to ensure that flat owners are in possession of adequate information to respond to the consultation documents.

Routine maintenance

Pigeons – it was agreed to proceed with works to install additional netting at the two corners of the front elevation of block 8, to clear all nesting and treat the area with biocide and residual insecticides to remove all harmful bacteria.

Stack pipes – The quotation for the cleaning down of the Biddulph Road, Block 6 elevation is still awaited.

Water tanks – work to check, clean and chlorinate the existing water tanks was given the go ahead commencing 16 July. Residents will be notified of likely disruption.

Drains – specifications for works on over-flowing and foul-smelling drains outside flats 10a and 50 were agreed and will be sent to tender. The cost is not expected to be great enough to require formal consultation with flat owners.

Trees – it was agreed to postpone pollarding the trees on Elgin Avenue until the Autumn.

Company business

We have decided to consolidated the company’s legal requirements with TSS Law (general) and Sprecher Grier Halberstan (arrears). As a consequence, matters being dealt with by Wegg Prosser – lease extension and porter’s flat – are moving very slowly. This situation is not expected to persist.

Individual flats

One flat, owned by a property company, suspected of unauthorised building works, has been inspected by our engineer. It will now be the subject of a joint visit by the owner’s surveyor and ours.


A positive meeting was held on Wednesday 20th June with the contractors, consultants, managing agents, directors and the residents of block 3. Subject to contacting all other owners/residents in block 3 who did not attend, it is hoped that works can commence from Monday 20th August.

Central heating

We have agreed settlement with DMG Delta and have received credit notes for disputed/poor service.  The board is instigating a review of the central heating and hot water systems. This will be led by Devika Malik and Russell Blackmore. They can be contacted at


The building has been revalued for insurance purposes. The revaluation has been undertaken at a figure for re-building for the two blocks, to include demolition costs, contingency sums, architects and surveyors fees. This information has been conveyed to insurers and we await details of renewal terms.

Anti-social behaviour

Following representations from Ashworth Mansions residents, the council has agreed to remove the steps/gate leading from Paddington Recreation Ground to Ashworth Road. In addition, Daron will apply a fillet to the wall to discourage the coin-tossing game.

Garden Party

A vote of thanks was given to Natasha Keats for organising the garden party in the face of such inclement weather.

2008/9 Budget

A dedicated board meeting will be held at the end of July to set the 2008/9 budget. A survey will be sent to flat owners as part of the budget process to ascertain priorities for the coming year.

Directors’ responsibilities

It was agreed to assign particular roles to the board members:

Chairman & Gardens – John Sutcliffe

Communications – Geoffrey Barraclough

Buildings (major works) – Keith Williams

Buildings (routine maintenance) – Russell Blackmore

Managing agent & porter liaison  – Martin Clements

Finance – Devika Malik

Company Secretary – Michael Elliot

It was agreed to draw up a one page document outlining what residents and flat owners can expect from the managing agents.

You can contact board members via

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