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We’re recruiting – Head Caretaker (live out) + Part-time assistant

Following the last AGM, we decided no longer to have a live-in caretaker. Instead, we are moving head with recruitment of a live-out head caretaker and a part-time assistant. These individuals will undertake the duties previously done by Daron Tyas and, in addition, be responsible for the cleaning of the common parts.

Here’s are the job descriptions for the head caretaker position:  If you know anyone interested, please get them to  apply online:

Head Caretaker – Residential Apartment Blocks – Maida Vale W9
Job id: 59357390
West London (W9)
£28,000 per annum
Claibon Property Services Ltd
Job Type:

Experienced Caretaker required for an exclusive mansion block in Maida Vale, hours of work 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday.  It is extremely desirable for the successful candidate to have some basic maintenance/DIY skills and experience to undertake minor maintenance such as painting and redecorating, changing locks, lightbulbs etc.

The right candidate must have previous experience of working in a similar role, ideally having previously worked in a private residential apartment block.  Must have a strong proven track record and be able to provide excellent references. Must be self motivated and have initiative, common sense and have excellent English verbal and written communication skills and excellent customer service skills. As the Head Caretaker will be unsupervised day to day, candidates must display good strong initiative as well.

Duties will include:

1.Ensure the security of the site and buildings by checking that all entrance doors and garden gates lock securely and are kept locked at all times and through other tasks as may be necessary.

2.Study and become familiar with the regulations contained within the lease and otherwise set out by the residents and ensure that regulations such as use of gardens, work of contractors, keeping stairwells clear and noise restrictions, for example, are adhered to.

3.Maintain a day book and key register.

4.As requested and ensuring that residents acknowledge no liability is transferred, retain as requested spare keys for properties at the site and sign these in/out during normal working hours.

5.Maintain an up-to-date list of emergency service and contractors’ telephone numbers.

6.Act as initial point of contact for and facilitate the work of contractors appointed by residents; check that contractors appointed by residents and lessees are acting within the terms of the lease and subsidiary regulations.

7.Undertake routine maintenance as directed by the representatives of residents committee, ensuring that all tools are maintained and kept securely and that they are only used by authorised personnel.

8.Supervise the assistant caretaker in his/her role and ensure cleaning is carried out to the required standard; undertake essential tasks carried out by the assistant caretaker in his or her absence (on leave or sickness, for example)

9.Ensure that the caretaker office is kept in a clean and well-organised manner and is available as required for meetings of the residents.

10.In co-ordination with the assistant caretaker, provide a telephone contact point for residents, contractors and others during working hours

11.Carry out other duties as might be reasonably expected or required.


Working with the assistant caretaker,  managing that person and motivating them to ensure the communal areas are in pristine condition at all times.

1.Ensure that litter is removed from around the estate.

2.Ensure that there are no obstructions in the entrance halls and keep clear all internal staircases of any rubbish.

3.Check that no prams, cycles or any other items are stored in the common parts.

4.Inspect all lights to common parts and replace bulbs etc. as necessary.

5.Check performance and productivity of contractors employed by the managing agents or residents and report any concerns to the managing agents.

6.Supervise the routine cleaning of communal areas.


1.Check operation of entry phone system and door closer mechanisms and report faults to managing agents.

2.Carry out an inspection of the entire estate to check for leaking gutters, blocked drains or damage to down pipes, steps, paths, walls, grounds generally.Report defects to the managing agents.

3.Check that adequate levels of light bulbs are held on site and order as necessary through the managing agents or as instructed.

4.Collate all delivery notes, receipts, etc. relating to the work of the residents and pass to the managing agents using the appropriate format.At the same time send a concise report on matters arising during the week, including repair and maintenance visits.

5.Report defects / incidents (either observed or reported) and take the corrective action after consultation with the Property Manager.

6.Replace light bulbs to communal or external areas when required.


1.Keep a supply of salt and treat roadways and paths in winter.

2.Liaise with any residents in relation to personal effects that have been left in the communal areas and ensure that disposal/removal is arranged by them.This is particularly appropriate to large bulky items such as cookers, fridges, etc.

3.Check out and deal with any matters reported by residents.

4.Notify the Managing agents where works are being carried out within individual flats which may require a Licence for Alteration.If a Licence for Alteration is issued to ensure the residents adhere to the terms of the Licence, especially restrictions on times of work.

5.All other property related duties necessary or as directed by the residents or the managing agents for the general well-being of the property and in the interest of good estate management should be carried out.

You can see the part-time position advertised here.

Record prices paid for flats in Ashworth Mansions

The property website reports that three Ashworth Mansions flats were sold in late 2007 at record prices.

A garden flat on the Elgin Avenue side has been sold for £790K breaking the previous record of £640K paid in 2001 for one of the very large four bedroom flats in block 5. Two flats in the Grantully Road block have been sold for similarly high prices: £765K for a garden flat and £710K for one on the second floor with a view of the park. The previous highest for a flat on the Grantully side was £565K in 2006.

Central Heating Update

As you may have noticed, the central heating is not all it should be. The new pressurisation pump unit which did so much to improve the heating system following its installation in February has developed an intermittent fault. It is not always providing adequate pressure to maintain heat in all the flats. The unit is still under guarantee and the managing agents are organising the necessary repair work.

Glastonbury in W9

Ashworth Mansions Garden Party 1

 Ashworth Mansions garden party 2

Our garden party, held on 30 June, was remarkably successful despite the pretty continual rain that fell from 4 o’clock onwards. It was heartening to see residents of all ages enticed by wine – from Threshers – and a wide selection of food from around the world – brought by each other. 

 A bouncy castle and DJ in the communal garden? They said it couldn’t be done. So many thanks to Natasha Keats for organising in the face of adversity. We’d also like to thank Greene & Co, kfh and Vickers for their support.

If you would like to help organise next year’s party or have any other ideas for social events, please email

Survey of flat owners’ views

As we promised at the last residents’ meeting, we are carrying out a survey to better understand the views of owners and residents (whether they own their flat or not) about Ashworth Mansions – where we live and/or which is, for many of us, our largest financial asset.

You should have received this survey through your door (we have sent one copy direct to each flat) or via the Managing Agents (every owner whose service charge address is not at Ashworth Mansions has had a copy of the survey sent by post).

Please take a few moments to fill this out. We will use the results to inform our planning, for example about the budget process for next year, so we hope you will agree that completing the form is time well spent.

A copy is also available as a download at

Garden Party – latest news

Plans are well advanced for the annual garden party which is taking place next Saturday,  30 June from 3.00pm to 8.00pm. There’ll be music and a bouncy castle for the kids. Afteroon tea will be served from 3.00pm and the BBQ will get going from 6.00pm.

Once again, many thanks to our sponsors: Greene & Co, kfh and Vickers.

If you haven’t RSVP’d please do so to Natasha Keats and let her know what dish you are bringing.

One solution to the pigeon problem

John Sutcliffe and friend

Residents will be well aware that we have had an upsurge in interest from the pigeon community. In the interests of combating the pullastrine problem we had a very interesting demonstration from a falconer yesterday, who flew a Harris Hawk in the garden. It certainly gave an awful fright to a pair of nesting pigeons at the Biddulph Road end!

The board will be discussing quotes for pest control at its next meeting. 

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