Building maintenance

Daron has completed painting the garden gates. The newly painted front doors have  become chipped in places. It was agreed to ask Daron to touch up the front doors as necessary.

Cars are being parked in front of the garages without authorisation. The managing agents were asked to write to the owners requesting that they desist. 

Daron was thanked for his prompt actions during a recent small fire that broke out on one of the balconies. 

A new light fitting for the common parts has been selected. This is more expensive and larger than the existing units but has a three year  guarantee so should prove cheaper in the long term. The existing units are failing regularly. 

The board agreed a quote from a contractor to replace the garden lighting. However, it has not yet agreed the design of the units to be purchased and two directors agreed to revert with alternatives. 


The bulk of arrears are accounted for by a property company that owns five flats. It was agreed to insist on prompt payment and to take the necessary steps to enforce the debt if the arrears persisted. 


An application has been made to Westminster Council to prune the beech tree by around 30%. This is to increase amount of sunlight in the garden. The council will make a site visit before assessing the application. The Mulberry tree which replaced the dead Cherry has itself died only 18 months after planting. The supplier will visit the garden to see whether it can be replaced. 

Following complaints from residents on the Elgin Avenue side it was agreed to ask the gardeners not to cut the grass so short. This should reduce the volume of weeds. 

Long term maintenance plan 

At the AGM residents asked for the 10 year plan to be circulated with costs, and the Board agreed that they should be circulated for discussion. Following circulation a Flat Owners’s Meeting will be arranged to discuss the proposals. It was also agreed to send a letter to residents to remind them of the garden rules for the summer. 

Water mains 

BTU is proceeding to survey each flat and the managing agent is satisfied with progress to date. The board reviewed and rejected a quotation from a consulting engineer to provide services whilst the changeover is taking place.

Company Business 

Terms have finally been agreed with Freshwater for the renewal of the lease of the porter’s flat. This will be for 6 years, with an upwards only rent review after 3 years, to commence at £18.000 pa. 

Individual flats 

The managing agents have finally received surveyors’ reports for two garden flats with damp problems. Estimates have been requested for remedial work (damp proof courses) and the board agreed that work should proceed as soon as practical. 

Another flat submitted plans for minor alternations which were agreed in principle subject to a structural engineers’ report. 

During the annual drainage service clean, contractors came across a  blockage to the rear of block 5. To clear this, they need access to a manhole which lies underneath some tiling outside a garden flat. A contractor will clear the blockage and to install a new manhole/cover so that it can be readily exposed when necessary in the future.