Month: August 2010

High level cornice repairs

Here’s a couple of photos that show pretty clearly why the high level cornice needs some work. This is likely to cause a little delay to the Elgin Avenue refurbishment but certainly needs to be done. The surveyors are planning a good quality solution that will last. The worst of the damage is on the corner of Elgin Avenue and Biddulph Road; this faces South West and gets the worst of the wind and rain.

Latest update on External Redecorations

Here’s a quick update from the surveyors overseeing the operation:

All works completed.
Brickwork cleaning works and paint stripping works are progressing.  Block 1 complete, and second washes are being undertaken to the remaining blocks.
Timber repairs and preparations to block 1 are commencing Monday 23rd August 2010.
The stone restoration works are continuing, with additional staff attending w/c 23rd August.  Once these works are complete to block 1, then the leadwork capping will commence.

The contractors have asked for an extension so that they can complete the repairs to the stone cladding around the cornice. We aren’t very happy about this and are negotiating that any delay is as short as possible.

Summary of August 2010 Board Meeting


The service charge year begins on 30 September. After some discussion, it was agreed that the main service charge and the central heating charge would be broadly unchanged in 2010/11.

To set the reserve fund/major works contribution, the directors have asked SHW to confirm their best estimate of (1) the final outturn of the current project and (2) whether they stand by their initial estimate of the cost of refurbishing the Grantully Road façade which was contained in the 10 year plan. We will do this as soon as we can.

The service charge monies are currently at a deposit account with Lloyds paying 0.5%. It was agreed to move the cash to the Nottingham Building Society which is currently paying 3.5%.

Water mains

The engineers have now checked the system for leaks following access into the majority of the flats.  The water will be chlorinated on Monday 9th and owners will be able to start the process of connecting to the mains supply.  Daron will be shown how to draw off some water each week from the risers to prevent stagnation.

A letter will go to owners shortly advising them of the next steps they need to take.


Following the tender process, Joseph Jones has been given notice to terminate the gardening contract on Friday  3rd September and Nurture Landscapes will start an initial 9 month contract on Monday 6th September.

Satellite TV

ISG will be installing the wiring for Sky+ for the Elgin Avenue flats. This will take advantage of the scaffolding to run additional cables from the dishes to individual flats. It is expected that they will start the installation once all of the brickwork repairs are completed. The Grantully Road flats will be wired for Sky+ next summer.

Individual flats

Surveyors are investigation damp ingress in to two garden flats.  There is a possibility that one of the incoming water mains to the block has an underground leak that is causing damp to one of the flats and this will be tested shortly.

The owner of one flat whose tenants are causing significant noise nuisance has not yet laid carpets as promised but has told the owner of the flat below that he will lay the carpets during August.

Another flat is the subject of a formal complaint for not having carpets and causing a noise nuisance. The owners claim to have permission to install laminate flooring. We have written asking for sight of the permission they say they have.  This has not yet been forthcoming.

General maintenance

Tony Bendetti has painted the new lamp surrounds and is starting work to the entrance steps to the Grantully Road side on 16th August.  This work consist of re-pointing the steps, resetting some of the paving blocks and generally tidying up the appearance on the entrances.

We will shortly commence redecorating the internal staircases to the Grantully Road side which we can complete from within this year’s budget. We will follow on with the Elgin Road entrances once the external work is complete.

External refurbishment

The work on the Elgin Avenue block is is progressing well and we anticipate completing the project on time and pretty much within budget. The link bridges are in a better state than had been feared. However, water has crept in underneath the cracked/peeling paintwork and slowly permeated into the cornice, resulting in severe deterioration of the substrate which will necessitate more significant repairs than we’d anticipated.

Central heating

There are two rather old water heaters that provide hot water to around half the estate. Although the heaters may stay operational until next summer, one is leaking and there is a potential for this to get worse.  The other is kettling badly although doesn’t leak.  There is also an issue for those flats on the communal system if they choose to connect to the new water mains.  Until the hot water supply is run from the new mains there will be a pressure differential between the hot and cold supplies to the flats on the new mains.  This will mean that the cold water pressure may need to be reduced down so that mixer taps and showers can work properly.

We have decided to replace the water heaters which is likely to cost c.£20K which we can fund from the central heating reserve. We will not need to issue additional service charge bills for this. We will shortly issue the Section 20 consultation.

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