In Daron’s continuing absence due to ill health, we will engage a temporary porter to work 0800 to 1300. We wish Daron a speedy recovery and look forward to his return to work.


Major works

The ongoing discussions with the insurance company about the cracking in block 6/7 have delayed the completion of phase two of the major works. Although the scaffolding has now been removed there are two other items to finish – the link bridges and replacing the electrical heads. This means that phase 3 is now scheduled to begin on 1 October, which is later than we’d hoped.

We anticipate that phase 3 (rear of Elgin Avenue) will proceed as the specification but that two optional items (cleaning the brickwork and full replacement of ground level paving) would be deferred.

The snagging from phase 1 is complete. We are waiting for costings to paint the plinth beneath the wall.


Communal heating and hot water

We have sufficient acceptances to proceed to amend the leases to remove our obligation to supply heating and hot water. This will need to be agreed by the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal and we have instructed Solicitors on the Company’s behalf to start the formal process for applying to the LVT to enable the lease variations to take place. We will fund the lawyers from the heating reserve fund in the first instance.



We will fit bolts to the second doors to the main entrance doors and issue each flat with a key. Kfh will write to garden flats to suggest that alarms are fitted. We will consider the costs of CCTV in next year’s budget.



Joanna Parapoulis was co-opted as a board member. She is an architect and will bring a great deal of experience to the board. Her appointment will be put to a vote of members at the next AGM.


Individual flats

The owner of one flat affected by damp has obtained quotes for remedial work. A second flat is suffering similar problems and is likely to require similar work. A third flat has suffered damage from a leak and the repairs are the subject of an insurance claim.

In another flat, we have discovered that previous internal alternation was not carried out using the necessary supports when a wall was removed. Kfh will investigate how this was passed by Building Control.


Electrical work

The following work has recently taken place:


  • Install 2 lights to the outside of the sheds at the rear of the garden.
  • Supply and install a twin fluorescent to the meeting room
  • Supply and install a twin fluorescent to the boiler room

There is an outstanding order to replace the damaged bollard and we understand that the contractors have the bollard on order.



Wimbledon tree surgeons have received consent to reduce some trees in the garden and this work has taken place in July.  At the recent AGM members asked if squirrels dreys can be removed from the trees.