Betty Auger, American artist and wife of now deceased, Major Hugh Auger, passed away 3rd July 2020.  At 99, she was Ashworth Mansions oldest resident and having moved into Ashworth Mansions in 1947, she was AM’s longest time resident as well.  She came over from Chicago to London during the war to work as a secretary, where she met and married Major Hugh.  Together, they moved into the newly rebuilt blocks of Ashworth Mansions, which had previously destroyed by a German V1 bomb during the Blitz.  

As a couple, they were active residents, where Major Hugh was the residents’ representative to help oversee the major works to ensure that the freeholder did a good job. They also let their flat, with its 3rd floor vantage point, to be used by the Police for the occasional stakeout!  When her husband passed away, Betty provided a bench to the AM central garden with a plaque dedicated to him.

A local photographer, Russ McClintock, took these photos he took of Betty in 2012, which he passed onto Councillor Geoffrey Barraclough.  He remembers her as a sweet and stylish lady.  Rest in peace Betty — we will miss you.