Month: November 2006

Water mains – notice of intention to carry out work

Ashworth Mansions Limited intends to to enter into an agreement to carry out works in respect of which we are required to consult leaseholders.  This work is the installation of Break Tanks and Pumps to provide Mains Water to individual flats. 

The Management Company consider it necessary to carry out the works because the current supply is insufficient and better quality water will be available from the mains. We invite you to make written observations in relation to the proposed works by sending them to us at Kinleigh Folkard and Hayward. Observations must be made within the consultation period of 30 days from the date of this notice. 

The consultation period will end on 23rd December 2006 and not as shown in the circular delivered to lessees. We apologise for the error and any confusion caused. We also invite you to propose, within 30 days from the date of this notice, the name of a person from whom we should try to obtain an estimate for the carrying out of these proposed works.  

2005/6 service charge accounts

AML’s costs in performing its obligations under the lease are recoverable from leaseholders by way of the service charge. An independent firm of accountants audits the service charge accounts, which are made up to the end of September, and leaseholders are provided with a copy of those accounts annually.

I have in the past felt that circulation of service charge accounts which are over a year old is unsatisfactory and we should be prompter in getting the accounts completed. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible in the year to Sept 05, as we had great difficulty in getting all the information necessary from the previous managing agents. Their computer system in fact failed completely at one point and we have our auditor to thank for doing a very thorough job.

The directors have discussed the timely production of service charge accounts with the current managing agents and the auditors, and it is intended that the accounts to Sept 06 will be available to circulate within six months of the year end i.e. by end March 07 at the latest.

John Sutcliffe


Residents’ meetings

A further open residents meeting will be held during April 07 at which questions arising from those accounts and any other items of concern to residents can be brought up. It is intended that there will in future be two such residents meetings each year, probably in April and October.

The purpose of these meetings is to give residents a chance to discuss in an open forum any comments and suggestions, concerns, problems and solutions with respect to the condition and management of the estate and any other matters relevant to the quality of life at and ambience of Ashworth Mansions.

Although most residents address their comments throughout the year directly to the Managing Agents or to individual Directors, an open forum of this sort has, in the past, proved useful for each resident to understand and discuss the views of other residents.

John Sutcliffe


Water mains connection

As described in the annual report, the final stage of the mains water installation is planned to commence early in 2007. As the first stage of the statutory consultation process, the managing agents will shortly be sending out the required notices, which will enable us to go to tender with prospective contractors. When this process is complete there will be a further consultation process, during which a detailed explanation of the installation and of the process for connection to the system by individual leaseholders will be issued. The Board is conscious that there will be a number of leaseholders who have purchased their flats recently and who are not familiar with either the new water installation or of the requirements for connection. The Board is intending to appoint a project manager to assist in the transition from the current system to the new system.

John Sutcliffe


Response to matters raised at the 2006 AGM and residents’ meeting

At the residents’ meeting following the AGM on 10th October the following matters arose for which I thought it would be useful to circulate further information to all lessees and residents.

These concerned how the management company works, who the current directors are, how vacancies on the board are filled and an explanation of the difference between the service charge account and the reserve fund. We’ve drafted a number of notes and you can find them at

I’d like to thank all lessees and residents who took the time to attend the October residents’ general meeting, or who submitted questions or comments in advance of the meeting. The directors find the discussion and feedback from these meetings very helpful. You can find a copy of the summary minutes of the discussions also at

John Sutcliffe


Update on interior redecorations

Now that the decorators are making good progress and, in many blocks, carpets are now laid it is necessary to take care of the walls and floors.

Please do not leave anything in the communal areas and take care when entering and leaving the building with large packages etc. Damage has already been caused to one entrance via removals. Please ensure that your contractors are aware that they will pay for any damage caused.

We anticipate that all residents will be as pleased as the Directors and ourselves to see the restitution of the common parts. 

 If there are any specific items or faults that you noticed please bring these to our attention.

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