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Ashworth Mansions Annual BBQ 2012 – Sat, 7th July, 2pm

Ashworth Mansions Annual BBQ 2012

Now, with added Britishness

Fri, 25th May 2012

Dear Neighbours,

It’s time once again for the Ashworth Mansions Garden Party: Sat, 7th July, 2pm in our glorious central garden.  In this special summer of the Queen’s 60th Jubilee and the Olympics, we invite you to join us as we put extra Britishness into our event.

We will be bbq-ing the classics such as beef burgers, chicken, sausages, veg burgers, and providing the buns and condiments for them.   We’ll also supply the drinks: soft drinks, wine, and beer.  We’ll also take care of all of the dishes, cutlery etc.  There will be a few extra British twists here and there including Pimms O’Clock.

It would be great if you could bring a communal side dish such as any kind of green, veg, pasta or fruit salad – although not necessary.  The more British, the better.

For entertainment, we will have an apparatus and/or summer games for the children.  Feel free to bring skipping ropes, etc, or any other traditional British toys.  Just no darts!

In order to help us plan the food/drink, please rsvp any positive responses to by the weekend of 9/10th June.  If you’re bringing a communal dish, please let us know that too.  Any questions, contact Pamela 07904 989 065. 

Thanks very much and we look forward to seeing you.

Pamela & Peter, 65 and Charlotte & Richard, 56a

Ashworth Mansions AGM & Garden Party



You’ve all received the formal notification but I’m writing to remind you of the Ashworth Mansions AGM which will be held at 7pm on 28 May at Paddington Sports Club.


After the formal business is concluded we will be discussing:


  • The service charge accounts for 2010/11


  • The ongoing renovation programme. Phase two (front of Gratully) is largely complete) and phase three (rear of Elgin Avenue blocks) will commence this Summer. The surveyors, SHW, will be at the meeting


  • The move from communal to independent heating and hot water. We believe that we now have the necessary majority to move ahead with this.


We are indebted to Devika Malik and Michael Elliot for their hard work in canvassing flat owners for their support to make the necessary changes in the leases.


I will also make sure there is enough time to discuss any other items of general concern.


I’m also pleased to announce that the Ashworth Mansions summer party will take place in the garden on Saturday 7 July. Please put the date in your diary. Many thanks to Pamela Knudson and Charlotte Dryer who are organizing the festivities.


Geoffrey Barraclough

Chair, Ashworth Mansions Ltd


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