Who is currently involved with the AMNW?

Pamela Yuzda is co-ordinating and Nick Parker, Maryam Clements, Renee Marais and Shirley Murphy have formed the core team and will fulfil the various responsibilities. We would welcome your support and information to assist us in achieving our goals and have already had some residents volunteering their services.

As a resident, we would ask you to help us log incidents by e mailing us and also reporting incidents to the Police.  We’ve discovered that reporting really does help the Police by allowing them to understand patterns rather than trying to deal with issues in isolation. In return, the Police/Council are more communicative with us and we can pass on this information to residents.

The scope of the AMNW

The scope of the AMNW activities is aligned with the guidelines for neighbourhood watches as provided by Westminster Council.

We will be focusing our efforts on the streets surrounding Ashworth Mansions: Ashworth Road, Grantully Road, Elgin Avenue and Biddulph Road and the area of the Paddington Recreation Club that abuts these roads.

What will we do as the AMNW?

  • Gather information on crime, anti-social behaviour (ASB) and other issues of concern such as fly tipping, bin issues and drug related activity and noise which has a negative impact on the area.
  • Engage with the Safer Neighbourhoods police team and the Westminster council to provide them with information and attend relevant meetings.
  • Inform the Ashworth Mansion residents of issues and initiatives.
  • Identify areas of concern with regard to the physical security of AM and communicate with the relevant groups to try and improve this. A survey of the block was recently done by PS Lawrence Knight, who heads up our Safer Neighbourhoods team for the Metropolitan Police.
  • Lobby stakeholders to improve security and the services we receive.

How do you communicate with the AMNW?

Please e mail us if you have spotted any incident providing the time, date, a description of the incident and the people involved and any other relevant information at:  neighbourhoodwatch@ashworthmansions.com.  The data we receive will be turned into a log, which in turn, will be given to the police.  This will be the hub of our activity, and will hopefully, help reduce the feeling that a single report makes no difference – it does.

Please also report incidents as usual to the relevant police authorities as per the recent brochure distributed: Dial 101 for crimes that have already happened and local issues and 999 for emergencies. Logging crime and ASB on 101 assists the police in gathering intelligence and they have encouraged us to use this means of communication.

Crime advice

Here’s a detailed set of crime prevention advice from the Metropolitan Police.