Heating and hot water

The sub-committee has made significant progress in gaining acceptance by flat owners to decommission the communal system and move to independent boilers. The target date is Summer 2013. Once the requisite number of acceptances have been received, lawyers will be engaged to bring the matter to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal. We believe that this could cost as much as £20K. The board will decide at the next meeting whether this cost can be borne by Ashworth Mansions Ltd from its reserves.

If you would like to join the sub-committee please email hotwater@ashworthmansions.com.

Major works

The final works to complete Phase 1 (front of Elgin Avenue block) are underway and will take a total of 8 weeks to complete. The work includes chemical cleaning of the boundary walls, remaining redecoration of railings and gates, attending to cracks, re-pointing and rendering in entrances and on boundary walls, and further work at basement level to drainage channels to reduce standing surface water after rain.

We have been given the go-ahead by the loss adjustors to proceed with the repairs to the lintels on block 6 (Grantully Road side) which is currently scaffolded. This should complete the original specification of phase 2. However, additional works may be needed as the steel beams in the roof of the vaults beneath the garden area are crumbling. Also the electric heads in vaults are in poor condition.

SHW has been asked to draw up specifications for phase 3 (rear of Elgin Avenue block) which we hope to tender shortly for commencement in the Summer. The board has stressed the importance of regular and accurate communication with the directors and flat owners during the works.


The gardeners have produced a tree survey with various other recommendations. These will be included in a note to residents from the garden committee. Longer term, one idea is to removing the plants on the Grantully frontage and replace them with lollypop shaped laurel trees.

Power cut

During a recent power cut the main entrance doors lock worked from the inside to let people out but would not work using the fobs from the outside. Daron Tyas, the caretaker, opened all of the doors but there were a few problems when people went out and locked them again behind them. We will contact Interphone to see if their panels are capable of having a battery backup.