Ashworth Elgin Block

Rubbish collection

Mustafa collects the rubbish first thing each morning from outside each flat. Rubbish should only be left between 10pm and 8.30am in the black sacks provided; later than this and it will sit all day looking (and smelling) unpleasant. Please ensure that the sacks are left on the mat (not carpet) to minimise damage from spillages. Only one sack per flat per day please. Additional waste including anything that will not fit in the standard sack, should be deposited in the big black bins on Biddulph Road. This is your responsibility.


The Council collects recycling on Monday mornings. Please leave this on the outside steps in the special blue bags on Monday morning only. Extra recycling bins are located on Biddulph Road by the garages and on the corner of Grantully Road and Ashworth Road.


No flat is completely soundproof. Please have consideration for your neighbours and keep noise to a minimum wherever possible and particularly after 10 pm. Walk softly in areas of your flat that are not thickly carpeted. If you are troubled by sound, please raise the matter politely with your neighbours. Most people will be unaware they are causing a problem and will be happy to help.


This is one of the best features of Ashworth Mansions so please use it as often as you like. Children are very welcome in the garden. Parents are encouraged to keep them on the lawns and out of the flower beds. A BBQ is bookable via David for residents and there is a nominal charge for gas. If you don’t have a key, please ask David.

We do ask that you don’t play music in the garden. Sound reverberates around the estate and a gentle tune on the grass can become unsupportably loud in a top floor flat.


We have invested in new bike sheds in the garage on Biddulph Road and David can arrange access.


The stairwells should be kept completely clear. Bikes, prams, boots etc are trip hazhards and could seriously impede people leaving the building in the event of an emergency.

Paintwork and carpets

We finally have good quality decoration of the stairwells and common parts. We all need to do our best to keep it in good order so please be especially careful not to mark the walls when transporting bulky items up the stairs.

Building work

Please let David know if you are having the builders in, even for minor redecorations. Please ensure that any tradesmen know that they are responsible for any damage caused to the common parts. If you are planning any major works such as relocating a kitchen or removing a wall, you need to contact the managing agents well in advance to gain the necessary permissions.

Residents’ Handbook 2020

For more detail on all of the above and more, please refer to the updated residents’ handbook. Any questions, please do ask.