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Water mains project nears completion

 The project is finally nearing completion with only a few minor details to attend to before we can turn our attention to the serious business of connecting flats to the new supply.  The final work may still take a little time and we appreciate your patience.

We now have a connection through the wall of the boiler room that joins with the Thames Water main on Biddulph Road. You will see from the photo that it is not yet connected to our internal pipework as we are still waiting for Thames Water to make the final join and to fit a water meter.

Connection to Thames Water mains supply on Biddulph Road

The break tank (below) is full installed. This will be filled from the mains to give Ashworth Mansions a steady reserve of water so that we can maintain pressure at all times.

New mains water break tank

Break tanks for mains water supply

The pumps (below) are also fully installed. These will supply water from the break tank through the pipework that runs at the back of each block and then into the individual flats themselves. The pumps will be sound proofed to keep the noise down and we are still awaiting this material.


New pumps for water mains will ensure even pressure across the esate

Finally, we are beginning the detailed planning of how and when each flat can connect to the new system. We will be issuing plenty of communication on this subject including detailed FAQ’s but will hold off on this until the new system is fully functioning and tested.

Update on interior redecorations

It is anticipated that the refurbishment of the common parts will be completed by the end of January/early February. A comments book is maintained by Daron and comments may also be addressed via the website, the managing agents or Andrew Manook, the project manager, who is onsite usually on Friday mornings. The main decorating contractors will be completing snagging as soon as the carpets and electrics are completed. Please make sure that any comments you have are received in the next two weeks as there will be no opportunity to rectify problems after the end of the month.

Update on interior redecorations

Now that the decorators are making good progress and, in many blocks, carpets are now laid it is necessary to take care of the walls and floors.

Please do not leave anything in the communal areas and take care when entering and leaving the building with large packages etc. Damage has already been caused to one entrance via removals. Please ensure that your contractors are aware that they will pay for any damage caused.

We anticipate that all residents will be as pleased as the Directors and ourselves to see the restitution of the common parts. 

 If there are any specific items or faults that you noticed please bring these to our attention.

Progress on interior redecoration

As you will have seen, the decorators are making good progress with the redecoration of the interior common parts. The work got off to a slightly slower start than we had hoped as the workmen found an unexpectedly large number of layers of painted lining paper and lacquered wallpaper which took a good deal of scraping/blasting to remove.

Ashworth Mansions Wallpaper - red berriesWallpaper - brown flowers

There’ll be more information in a few days but here’s the state of play at the moment:

  • Flats 47-54       Stairccase complete except for 6 front doors
  • Flats 74-83       Final painting works in progress
  • Flats 84-93       Final painting works in progress
  • Flats 1-46         Complete stripping in progress

From 18 – 27 October, the contractors will be preparing and lining all blocks. From 27 October, decoration will proceed for flats 1-49.

The new light fittings, to include emergency lighting and light sensor & the new carpet have been ordered. We’ll give you another update as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, we’d be really interested if anyone can date/identify the Edwardian wallpaper uncovered during the redecorations.  Drop us a line at or leave a reply below.

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