Month: September 2010

Latest update on renovations from the surveyors

The block 1 brickwork cleaning is complete.  Gentle wash down to remove additional residue/dust etc. due to be undertaken to blocks 2-5.

Timber repairs and preparations to block 1 & 2 are on going.    The full extent of the timber works have been assessed and costs being compiled for issue by DBR [the contractor] tomorrow.  From assessment, there are considerable timber repairs to the high level windows and doors as detailed in some of the attached photographs.  Given the fact that external works were completed circa 8 years ago, the level of deterioration and decay of the timber work currently evident is far greater than would normally be anticipated given the repair and preparation works that would normally be undertaken prior to redecoration.

The stone restoration works are continuing to blocks 1-2 (see photo), with preparation works being undertaken to blocks 3-4.  A minimum period of 2 weeks is required for essential curing of the repairs, prior to commencement of the lead capping works (programmed to commence 20th September)

Notwithstanding the above, the works themselves are progressing well and to a good standard.

We are anticipating striking the scaffold to Block 1 on w/c 4th October, subject to inspection and approval from SHW and a board member if possible.


The following DBR Personnel are on site each day this week:

– Stone Restoration: 3no.

– Stone Mason: 1no.

– Brick Layer: 2no.

– Decorators: 4no.

*Carpenters to commence timber works Monday 6th September.

** Additional decorators are being considered, but this may have implications against the other trades and programme and is to be confirmed.

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