Month: March 2009

AGM to be held on 19 May 2009

We’re holding the AGM on 19 May 2009. 7pm at Paddington Sports Club on Castellain Road. We’ve commissioned an independent surveyor to assess the condition of the estate and draw up a ten year maintenance plan. Please come to the AGM if you can as decisions about the extent and timing of major works project have a financial impact on all of us.

Summary of February 2009 Board Meeting

Water mains           

Following an inspection by an independent engineer, a number of questions were raised with the project engineer (Max Fordham). These were all answered satisfactorily and it was agreed to begin connecting flats to the new system.

 To help flat owners, it was agreed that the company should pay for a survey of each flat to explain what modifications may be necessary to internal pipework. In addition, it was agreed to offer £100 to each flat that connected to the new system before December 2009 as an incentive to get the project moving ahead quickly. These activities will be funded from AML’s money, ie the accumulated ground rents, and not from the service charge account.           

Building work 

Gullies – the additional work to the gullies is now complete and the surveyor has recently asked for the contractors to return to repair some minor defects that he was not happy with. 

 Garden Gates – Daron is making progress with the painting of the garden gates although he is thorough in what he has prepared so far.  Quotations to paint all of the railings have been requested. 

Garden lighting – It was agreed to prioritise the reinstatement of the garden lighting. Quotes from two different contractors have been requested to get the lights in the enclosed garden working again. 

Trees – It was agreed to get quotes to prune two of the larger trees in the communal garden 

Damage to stonework (corner of Elgin Avenue and Biddulph Road) – There is considerable damage to the stonework at top of the building.  It looks as though water has got in under the stonework and during the recent frosty weather it has caused some of the stonework to drop off.  Nigel King attended and has knocked off all of the loose stone so that it is no longer dangerous.  Contractors will be asked to make good but scaffolding will be required. 

Loft access – locks have been put onto all of the roof hatches.  It was agreed to remove the loft ladders. Daron will provide a step ladder for contractors that need access to the roofs.

Manhole covers – instructions have been given to repair the (sunken) man holes around the communal garden and to repair the uneven paving slabs in the same areas. 

Snow – the Chairman thanked Daron for his help with the snow during the recent bad weather 

Block entrances – an estimate has been requested to make good the brickwork and to repair the side walls and to repaint. 

Block 5  – the managing agent was asked to ensure that the damage to the lobby following builders work carried out by contractors in respect of flat refurbishment was made good at the expense of the flat owners. 

Boundary Walls – Daron will jet clean the boundary walls once the weather improves. 

Company business 

Porter’s Flat  – the signed lease has been sent back to Teacher Stern who is waiting for confirmation from the Freeholder’s Solicitor that the matter is complete.  Once we receive this we can go ahead and recover back dated major repair service charges. 

Arrears – it was noted that the arrears have increased this quarter. The agent was asked to make a concerted effort to reduce the arrears considerably by the end of the quarter. 

Invoices – it was agreed that one of the director would to inspect the invoices at KFH offices. 

Individual flats 

The owner of one flat has asked for permission to remove one of the chimney breasts in his flat.  Morrish and Partners have provided a report and the owner can go ahead.  

The owner of two other flats has still not provided the final documents to enable a licence to be drawn up. 

Damp to ground floor flats – Richard Egan has inspected two garden flats because of damp ingress. Arrangements are being made to carry out the recommendations in the report. 

Woodwork Repairs – Manilva have yet to complete the woodwork repairs to three flats in block one. The agent was asked to chase Manilva as this repair has taken a very long time. 


New surveyors Stiles Harold Williams were appointed to draw up a ten year plan.  A meeting and inspection of the building took place on Thursday 12 February at Ashworth Mansions.  SHW will present their findings to the board at its March meeting and the flat owners at the AGM in May. SHW will use their mechanical engineer to look at the boiler, and to incorporate the costs into the 10 year plan.

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