Asbestos – Freshwater has refused to pay for the removal of the asbestos from the bike sheds. The board asked the managing agent to clarify the legal position.


Caretaker’s flat – the board agreed to proceed with the signing of the new lease on the flat with Freshwater. Our lawyers have confirmed that Freshwater must pay contributions to the reserve fund but not to the service charge account.


Budget – a draft budget for 08/09 was discussed and was broadly endorsed by the board. However, the board decided that the managing agent needed to circulate a final estimate of spending in 07/08 before it could be signed off.


Building works


Entrance doors – in the event of a power failure the main entrance doors will not open (from the outside) with the fobs. The managing agents were asked to investigate back-up systems.


Internal redecoration – the board agreed to release the final £1000 retention to the contractors (Manilva) following the final completion of some minor snagging items. The managing agents were asked to proceed with the repainting of the main entrance doors.


Light fittings – the emergency light fittings have been failing repeatedly despite a claimed 3 -4 year lifespan. The units are expensive (£21 each) and it was agreed to get the wiring checked before going ahead with replacements.

Water Mains – the main contractor has quoted to draw up plans of the existing supply to each flat. The board felt that this was an expensive approach and requested alternatives.


Drains – Waterflow (the contractor) will replace the two gullies outside flat 56a and replace a defective down pipe outside block one. The cost of £7K is covered by the existing contract.


Garden gates – new locks have been fitted and the supplier has returned to site to make them more secure. The managing agent was asked to ensure that the locks were painted.


Individual flats


Satellite TV – the managing agents wrote to flat owners to gauge interest in the Hot Bird satellite. Only two flat replied in the affirmative so the idea will not be pursued.


Flat owner works in block 5 – two flats in block five have been redecorated and the carpet/stairwell has been damaged. The managing agent was asked to recover the costs of repairing the damage from the flats concerned.


Block 3 – Residents of block three have asked whether a passage way can be opened up from their stairwell to the garden through the old bike sheds. After some discussion, the board agreed that it had no objections in principle to the scheme but noted that the leasehold on the bike shed belonged to Freshwater.


Company business


Chairman – John Sutcliffe resigned as chairman of Ashworth Mansions Ltd due to pressure of other work commitments. The board thanked him for his hard work and unanimously elected Geoffrey Barraclough in his place.


Coal stores – ownership of the coal stores has still not been established as they do not appear on any plans.