Dear Neighbours, Hello, I don’t know if you’ve been watching the weather forecast for Saturday, but it has been changing on a daily basis! Whilst it is looking unkind at the moment, we are still intending to go ahead as planned, 2 pm. We sure hope that you will still join us. There will be a gazebo for ourselves, and some kind of protection for the food. The BBQ will take place: the communal bit will be the hamburgers, sausages, buns, condiments; drinks/alcohol; and plates, glasses, cutlery etc. The non-communal bit will be any other sides dishes that we ask that you bring, just for your own families. (Apologies in that I could have made the side dishes aspect more clear in the original invite.) The bouncy castle will be there (and appropriate safety measures taken.) And there will be prizes with regard to the weather, which is still up for grabs — given the shifting patterns! Any questions, please do not hestiate to call. Also, if you don’t think you can make it — don’t worry, but please let us know if at all poss. Best wishes, Charlotte, Richard & Jonty, 56a; Pamela & Peter, 65 07904 989 065 (Pamela)